Friday, December 4, 2009

Milwaukee Public Schools plans to spend 4 million on parental engagement

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By Erin Richards of the Journal Sentinel

Lennise Crampton, a 40-year-old Milwaukee mother of eight, sometimes wonders how her children would have performed in school if she'd known how to be a better parent from the start.

A single mother until she married this year, Crampton usually managed decent meals and clothing and getting her kids to class. It was up to the school, she thought, to handle the education part.

Then in December of 2005, a representative from Lloyd Street School marched up to Crampton's door and asked her to participate in a program that improves relationships between teachers, schools and families.

Crampton started coming to weekly meetings at Lloyd, where her two youngest attended. She learned about training she could get as a low-income parent. She learned how to engage in her children's academics at home and how to advocate for their needs at school.

"These little ones get the best of the best now," she said. "If it applies to my children's academics, I'm on it." Crampton's experience underlines the critical connection between schools and families, teachers and parents. Though her children are not always model students, Crampton knows they tend to do better in school when she's engaged, and that they drift academically and socially when she's less diligent.

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