Thursday, May 13, 2010

Student Volunteers needed for ASCA

The Ardmore-Springdale Civic Association (ASCA) is in need of student volunteers who are looking to earn community service hours. We would like students to help with the following tasks:
  • Creating and maintaining a Facebook page for the Association
  • Helping with Association mailings out to the community (i.e. membership mailings, etc.)
  • Distributing and passing out flyers with ASCA information and news
  • Newsletter
  • Photography
  • Other administrative tasks as needed

Please let me know if there any students interested in this opportunity by sending me an email at Please also let the students and parents know that they are always welcome toc ome to ASCA meetings every second Monday of the month at 7 PM at the Ardmore Recreation Center at Ardmore Park. Our next monthly ASCA meeting will held on Monday, June 14, 2010.

Thank you.

Nakia T. Ngwala

Ardmore-Springdale Civic Association (ASCA)

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