Saturday, November 13, 2010

There Is No Letter “I” In The Word Success

I recently had the opportunity to view a re-broadcast of the November 11, 2010 Board of Education meeting. It was interesting to hear the farewell comments from Board members. I was disappointed that none of the current Board members thanked former employees who have lost their jobs or those remaining employees who were furloughed over the past two years for their hard work and dedication. According to a member of the BOE, PGCPS has become a leader in education reform. Such a lofty accomplishment did not come without the sacrifices of former and current employees and their families.

It is because of the work of many of those who are no longer in the system that the reforms have moved forward. The work of those men and women were ignored by members of the Board. I am ashamed that the amazing work of hundreds of people who were forced to leave their jobs due to reasons out of their control were not acknowledged by one single Board member. The failure of the BOE to recognize these individuals may not symbolize a sense of superiority on behalf of the BOE or the current school administration, but supposes a sense of aloofness or worst a disdain for those who do not have a voice.

Whatever successes this administration or BOE champions it did not come without the support and hard work of parents and families. Parents in this system have lost avenues to become engaged. Parents have seen doors closed in their faces. Attempts to silence their voices have reached epic proportions ranging from the lost of Parent Liaisons to the elimination of parental engagement programs and services. However, parents continued to push for an active role in the educational process. Parents and members of the community have respectfully demanded their concerns are addressed. As payment for their support parents only expect a high performing school district with academic rigor and sustainable student achievement through all grade levels.

Finally, parents want a responsive BOE and not one that practices what I call "The Tin Ear Approach". During what I can best describe as an “I” party, the BOE and this current administration failed to acknowledge any role in the successes of Prince George's County Public Schools other than their own.

Please consider joining me and my guest panel on a special Parent Talk, as we examine some of the challenges confronting our school system and how the new BOE will tackle these issues.

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