Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bullying is everyone's problem. If you do not think it is your problem, just ask Brenda High

The most horrible consequences of bulling, shootings and suicides, regularly make news, and seem like isolated incidents; but all schools and communities are impacted and damaged by bullying every day. Bullying research shows that 160,000 students miss school each day because they fear being bullied. Is bullying your problem, if you don't have a child in school? Is it your problem if you work in a school, and bullying doesn't seem to be a problem there? (Bell, 2005)

Brenda High is a passionate crusader, a mom on a mission to stop school bullying and peer abuse. She driven to see an end to bullying by the memory of her son Jared, who was the victim of severe bullying and teasing.

Jared's story

Jared High was 12 years old when older students bullied him in his middle school. The bullying came to a head when a well known bully assaulted Jared inside his middle school gym. Because of the bullying and the assault, Jared began to show signs of depression, which included lack of sleep and emotional outbursts. On the morning of September 29, 1998, just six days after his 13th birthday, Jared called his father at work to say good-bye. While on the phone with him, Jared shot himself, dying instantly.

Forest Of The Rain Productions spoke with Brenda and discussed the impact of bullying on families, communities and more importantly children. It is a fascinating discussion that we encourage all to hear.

An Exclusive Interview with Brenda High: Founder of Bullying Police USA

Mike Robinson: What do you say to those who suggest bullying or teasing is a phase that all children go through?

Brenda High: “Well, in all honesty. If someone would have said that to me after I reported a bullying incident, I would turn to them and say, and so what you are trying to say to me is you are too lazy to deal with this. That’s a lazy man’s response. If a child comes to an adult and complains about bullying, it is the responsibility of the adults to do something. The boys will be boys or girls will be girls is just an excuse and are just pure laziness by adults.

Kids are kids and adults are adults and when something happens to kids, the adults are in charge. The adults are the ones who have the problem at this point. Adults take charge, parents take charge. Schools need to know that bullying is not a child’s problem it is an adult problem and if bullying is happening in school some adult is not doing their job, it is as simple as that.”

As a healing project, Brenda began to write Jared's story. Since 1999, Jared Story has attracted over two million visitors looking for information on bullying, depression, suicide and needing healing from the loss of a loved one.

Parents and PGCPS encourage all engaged parents and dedicated educators to listen to this Brenda’s story and to join her fight to end school house bullying.

To hear Brenda’s interview with Mike Robinson, host of Parent Talk and Educational Gateway, click on the link below.

Stop Bullying Now!

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