Monday, March 7, 2011

"Your Money, Your Future" with Financial Educator, Carmen Johnson

"Has anyone seen the gas prices?"

I'm sure we all have! Even pedestrians are aware of the recent hike in prices at the pump. The pain at the pump is a national issue which stems from an international source. Anytime there's an uproar in the middle east we can guarantee that the United States will feel the pressure. Is this not yet another opportunity for us to design a plan in which we learn how to sustain ourselves with our own natural resources. Wind, Water, Electricity and even oil are all available on US soil. Its time for America to use it or lose it. Many automakers have taken the time to make more fuel efficient vehicles and communities are now thinking green. Step up America and fight! Say no to higher gas prices and yes to new technology which will empower our country for generations to come.

> Until next this is Your Money Your Future, I am Carmen Johnson, your Financial Educator and the Founder and CEO of the Katie Able Foundation Please check us out at the and remember do something to justify your existence, together we can create the Future.

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