Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Forest Of The Rain Productions Discusses The Value of Education with an Educator and a Civic Leader

Hello Engaged Parents and Dedicated Educators,

Below you will find two very interesting interviews. Our first interview opens our discussion with five superintendents from across America in what we are calling “The Educational Landscape" with Dr. Joe A. Hairston, Superintendent for Baltimore County Public Schools since 2000.

The second interview is with Mr. Jim Rosapepe, Maryland State Senator for District 21. Mr. Rosapepe discusses his vision for education and the factors impacting education in the state of Maryland.

Dr. Joe A. Hairston
Baltimore County Public Schools
Topic: The Value of Education and The Success of Baltimore County Public School Students
Time: 10:00am
Date: April 21, 2011
Where: The Journey Begins, Internet Radio for the Engaged Parent and Dedicated Educator

A visionary and progressive leader, Dr. Joe A. Hairston has served since 2000 as Superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools, the nation's 26th largest school system. Dr. Hairston’s administration is now among the longest in the modern day history of the school system. Dr. Hairston’s results-based leadership has yielded a growing list of achievements including greater student participation and success in Advanced Placement and national renown for the quality of high schools and arts education, use of technology, greater accountability, and resource conservation.

A career rooted in the classroom

A career educator, Dr. Hairston's ascent in education administration began and is rooted in the classroom. Over the years, he has developed and refined strategies that have proven successful in raising student achievement. Dr. Hairston began his career in 1969 as a teacher in Prince George's County. Within two years of entering the classroom, he was appointed department chairperson and five years after that he became administrative assistant to a principal. He was appointed vice principal in 1977 and was named a principal in 1981. While serving as the principal of Crossland High School, from 1982 to 1986, Dr. Hairston developed an organizational, instructional, and marketing model for high school reform that he next employed at Suitland High School. At Suitland, a low-performing school with almost 2,300 students, Dr. Hairston implemented a nationally recognized visionary magnet program, which increased achievement for all students in the school – not just those in the magnet program. His achievements in turning Suitland around were recognized by President Ronald Reagan, Vice President George Bush, and Secretary of Education William J. Bennett and led the school to receive a National Award of Excellence. Many of the elements of Dr. Hairston's formula for student success – developed throughout the 1980s – are echoed in the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

In 1989, Dr. Hairston was named assistant superintendent of Prince George's County Public Schools. Then in 1995, he became the first appointed (rather than elected) superintendent of Clayton County Public Schools in Jonesboro, Georgia. During his tenure in Clayton County, he earned praise for infusing technology into the administration and schools, increasing business partnerships, and developing community advocacy and fiscal support for the school system.A native of Virginia, Dr. Hairston earned a doctorate in education administration from Virginia Tech (1993), a master's degree in administration and physical education from American University (1976), and bachelor's degree in biology and physical science from Maryland State University (now the University of Maryland Eastern Shore) (1969).

James Carew Rosapepe
Maryland State Senator
District 21
Topic: A Vision for Education and Trends Impacting the Education
Time: 10:00am
Date: April 21, 2011
Where: The Journey Begins, Internet Radio for the Engaged Parent and Dedicated Educator

Member of Senate since January 10, 2007. Assistant Deputy Majority Whip, 2007-. Member, Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee, 2007-; Joint Committee on Base Realignment and Closure, 2007-. Senate Chair, Joint Information Technology and Biotechnology Committee, 2009-; Joint Audit Committee, 2011-. Chair, Joint Technology Oversight Committee, 2007-09. Member, National Conference of State Legislatures (communications, financial services & interstate commerce committee, 2007- ).

Board of Regents, University System of Maryland, 2001-06. Member, Task Force to Improve Child Support Compliance in Prince George's County, 2007-08; Task Force on the Preservation of Heritage Language Skills in Maryland, 2008-09. Chair, Task Force on Solar Hot Water Systems in Prince George's County, 2010. Member of House of Delegates, 1987-97. Vice-Chair, Ways and Means Committee, 1995-97. Resigned from House of Delegates, effective December 31, 1997, to become U.S. Ambassador to Romania. U.S. Ambassador to Romania, January 20, 1998 to February 2001.

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