Saturday, July 2, 2011

Living Education eMagazine

Hello Engaged Parents, Dedicated Educators, and Business Leaders,

You are receiving this exciting press release because we value your contributions to expanding the conversation about the importance of education.

Forest Of The Rain Productions' mission is to serve as a conduit by which conversations regarding challenges confronting education today are presented unfiltered. Forest Of The Rain Productions prides itself on introducing leading researchers, scholars, engaged parents, dedicated educators, and involved civic leaders to those who are as equally passionate about education.

In an effort to bolster and expand the dialogue about the role education plays in the lives of all Americans we created Living Education eMagazine. It is our goal, our purpose to introduce our readers to the multiplicity of roles education has in our everyday lives. Through our exploration and examination of all educational issues germane to parents, students, educators, and political leaders we hope to play a role in redefining the economic benefits to an educated society.

In our inaugural edition, we examine a variety of educational topics we believe important to Americans and global educators alike. Staff at Living Education eMagazine was sent on a mission to find unique views and perspectives on education as a means to re-establish the importance of education in our everyday lives. We believe the staff of Living Education eMagazine has done just that! Educators and civic leaders from all over America have provided their voice to our discussion. We welcome you to join the conversation and to make Living Education eMagazine a part of your educational conversation.

Thanks for all you have done to expand the discussion about the value of education in our everyday lives. Below you will find the link to Living Education eMagazine. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Also, please review our video discussion on bullying at


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