Tuesday, September 20, 2011

National PTA beams up P.G. schools chief

Comments by Kevin Davis

This is a wonderful personal achievement for Dr. Hite and I wish him all the best in his role of working with parents on a national level. However, his work with parents and for parents at the local level leaves a lot to be desired. Under his leadership, one of the Nation's best parental engagement programs was eliminated. Parental involvement activities such as volunteering among parents have dipped every year under his guidance and he has never shown a willingness to engage the community beyond prescribed community based meetings.

There is little evidence to suggest he is supportive of true parental engagement. The entire department of Family and Community Outreach was shut down and nothing or no one has assumed the role of reaching out to parents beyond cursory attempts.

While I wish him the best, I pray he does not do for parental engagement on a national level that he has done in our County.

1 comment:

  1. Your statement is so true. Dr. Hite is not a friend to parents or the community.


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