Friday, November 11, 2011

PGCPS 2009-2010 Teacher of the Year Spotlighted in Black Enterprise

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“Education is the great equalizer” (I. McPhail, 2001).

Perhaps no greater words have been spoken with regards to the value, importance, and significance of education. However, the great equalizer that Dr. Irving McPhail reference is now facing a myriad of challenges. One looming challenge is the state of the teaching profession, more specifically the number of males entering teaching. There has been a major emphasis on the shortage of African American male teachers. As you know, Forest Of The Rain Productions has been a leading voice on the importance of increasing the number of African American male teachers. Thus the impetus for our national initiative Men Make A Difference Day, our radio discussions and our television interviews with seminal researchers in the area of male teacher recruitment.

The African American male teacher makes up less than 2% of the teaching profession. While increasing the African American male teachers will not end all that ails the educational systems across America, their presence can send a message to all young learners that teaching is profession worthy of your consideration.

There is a great article on the state of education and the need to create a new type of teaching workforce. The article features Mr. Will Thomas, PGCPS 2009-2010 “Teacher of the Year”. Mr. Thomas’ article appears in the November edition of Black Enterprise. Please read and enjoy.

If you are interesting in more information regarding the need for African American male teachers, please visit the links below.

Two Thinkers: The Importance of the African American Male Teacher
Dr. Ivory Toldson, Howard University
Dr. Roy Jones, Clemson University

African American Men in the Classroom

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