Sunday, January 1, 2012

Overview and 3A Framework; Organizing for Effective Parent Engagement

Boost Student Performance with Literacy Programs Buck Lodge Middle School (BLMS) has the largest Hispanic students in Prince Georges County Public Schools in Maryland. This translates to the highest concentration of second language learners. After reviewing scores on the Maryland State Assessments, the school decided to focus on increasing student’s reading scores. In partnership with the Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium, Inc. and the Tellin’ Stories Project of Teaching for Change the school staff reached out to families and involved them in literacy activities, 25 Book Reading Challenge, and school events to help enforce the importance of literacy both at home and school. The results were:

Over 300 students met the 25 Book Challenge
50 students read over 50 books
Overall student reading scores went up by 7.7%
Hispanic student scores increased by 12.1%
LEP scores increased by 19.3%

Special Education student scores went up by 11.2% in 2009 from the previous year

The act of engaging families in this school-wide effort led parents to feel empowered and increased their ability to monitor and support learning at home. This engagement did not only pertain to an increase in reading outcomes, but also an increase in family participation at school events, decision-making, advocacy and volunteerism.

For more information email Susan Shaffer, President of Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium, Inc. at or visit

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