Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Message From Karyn T. Lynch Chief of Student Services, PGCPS


There’s a new game in town and the outcome isn’t fun! Children in elementary and middle school have been playing the “Choking Game”. The choking game is played individually or in groups as a social activity. In this game, students deliberately cut off the flow of blood to the brain to achieve an artificial high. Students might put a plastic bag over their head, use a rope or belt, or have a peer choke them to the point of passing out. Once the student releases the pressure and the blood flow is restored, the student experiences a high or a rush from the immediate flow of blood to the brain. Because the blood flow is discontinued the student’s brain cells begin to immediately die. Students who become addicted to this rush, may play the game alone and risk death, a seizure, stroke, physical injury or brain damage.

Indicators that parents should look for are:

Suspicious bruises on the neck
Loss of concentration, agitation and aggressiveness
Bloodshot eyes
Other names for the choking game are GASP, fainting game, Pass Out and Space Monkey among others.

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