Sunday, September 2, 2012

National Men Make A Difference Day For Academic Success

National Men Make A Difference Day For Academic Success

Research has shown that a father’s involvement in the academic lives of their children will last beyond their childhood; in fact their influence will expand well into the child’s early adult lives (Rosenberg & Bradford, 2006).  The benefits of an involved father or significant male role model are not limited to the homes of children’s where the fathers live. Studies have indicated children with fathers living outside the home but who remain involved benefit from having an engaged father. According to Fogarty and Evans (n.d.) children in homes with absent as defined in their study as nonresidential fathers, but who nevertheless engaged fathers benefit in a variety of ways: (1) stronger relationship with their dads as they enter adulthood; (2) better social skills in many cases than children whose nonresidential father is not engaged; (3) less behavioral problems; and (4) better grades. These are just a few of the benefits to having an engaged father who may not live in the home with the child.

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