Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It is important to know that advocacy works!

Hello Engaged Parents and Dedicated Educators, It is important to know that advocacy works! Thanks to the work of so many of you and your organizations, we see the results of advocacy relative to our local school system. When parents and educators seek and become engaged they create (you create) change. We are experiencing this first hand, as the attempts of the School Board to connect with parents, families, educators and community stakeholders have expanded. There is still work to be done, but their efforts far exceed those of the past. Parents and PGCPS is proud to say we have been a driving force in the efforts to increase two-way communication between homes and schools. Just as important, Parents and PGCPS advocates and will continue to do so for continuing dissemination of information to parents and communities from Prince George’s County Public Schools. Your advocacy, your engagement, your involvement and your dedication makes a difference! Do not be fooled you are the driving force behind the increase communication with your school district. Stay engaged, stay dedicated, it makes a difference. Thanks

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