Monday, April 22, 2013

Parent Talk Live: Part 2-Teacher Attrition

Dr. Mike Robinson, host of Parent Talk Live on Sunday, April 21, 2013 at 8:00 pm concluded his two part discussion on Teacher Attrition.  Is the American teaching profession in trouble?  Does the profession which serves as the gateway to nearly every occupation in the world garner the appropriate honor and importance in society today? How much of the challenges facing teachers are created by demand parents, increase student accountability and potentially poor working conditions? 

Dr. Robinson was joined by Gail P. Bingham. Ms. Bingham is a veteran teacher of more than 21 years and she is the author of a soon to be released book TEACHING Is The New Slavery. In her book, Ms. Bingham explores what she describes as a culture of persecution, retaliation, abuse, bullying and harassment as means to control teachers, which ultimately drives many teachers to leave the profession. Ms. Bingham suggests teacher attrition rates are to a large extent attributed to the "Pressures teachers face from administrators and other members of the community due to an expectation that teachers are solely responsible for student success and failure." She also believes the pressure and mistreatment experienced by teachers has led to tragic outcomes and simply quitting is the least of the effects on the lives of educators.

To listen to this amazing discussion click here!

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