Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pr. George’s BOE responds to adding 15 new employees

The Prince George’s County Board of Education released an e-mail statement Wednesday about its decision to hire 15 new employees to work for the school board.
The board voted 7-1 on May 9 to approve the emergency measure. School board member Donna Hathaway Beck (District 9) was opposed, and Carletta Fellows (District 7) was absent.
Hathaway Beck said previously that she didn't think that the measure qualified to be considered as an emergency. She said it didn't allow the public to have input on the spending.
“The Prince George’s County Board of Education voted to realign funds within their FY2014 operating budget to accommodate the addition of 15 new positions. The positions were created in response to HB 1107, Section 4-401, which charges the Board to “(1) raise the level of academic achievement of the students in the Prince George’s County Public School System, and (2) raise the level of engagement of the parents, students, and community as a whole,” the statement reads.
The hiring action, which was approved with no discussion, comes with a $145,000 one-month price tag for the remainder of the current fiscal year and is projected to cost the school system nearly $2 million next year.
The statement also said: “The addition of nine District Liaison positions will significantly improve the Board’s ability to raise the level of community and parental engagement in all Board districts. In addition, five new administrator positions will directly support schools by providing technical assistance and professional development that support efforts to raise student achievement. To accommodate the four new appointed members of the Board, staffing resources were realigned to cover the cost of adding these members, as well as add an additional secretarial position to provide administrative support.”

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