Thursday, May 7, 2009


Parent Name: Larry Juhans
Martial Status: Single
Student's Name: Eugene Juhans

What is your child’s greatest academic success?
Improvement in his Math grades

What is your Best Parental Engagement Tip? Parent Classroom Visitation. It’s a sacrifice to take time from work; however I find it helpful to see my son in the classroom environment, to see the different teaching styles of his teachers, and to see how he interacts with his classmates. I take notes during my son’s classes; after class we discuss the notes that I took compared to the notes that he took. I attempt to put myself in the role of a student on day of visitation.

What example would you give that has been successful in helping your child succeed academically? I tend to read a lot. When we spend time together, I encourage him to read to gain knowledge rather than participate in social or sports activities. I stress that knowledge is power and that reading is an avenue to knowledge. My son is required to attend Math tutoring each Monday and Thursday (after school with ERHS NHS tutoring) which has helped bring his grade up from an “E” to a “C”.

What is your best family organizing tip? As a father (not in the household); my son “must” call me every day. I will ask him what did he learn or what did he do in each of his classes that day. He must have an answer. I also ask what tests or quizzes are forthcoming in each of his classes. Subsequently, we prioritize how and when he will study for these tests and quizzes. I review his weekly progress report that is signed by each of his teachers. His Guidance Counselor showed him how to organize his notebook; weekly, he presents his notebook to this Counselor to see if it is still organized the way that she did it originally. I call his counselor weekly to check on how is his notebook being maintained.

What school does your child attend? Eleanor Roosevelt High School

How do you ensure that your child is prepared to succeed in school? He must call me every day. After we discuss homework and quizzes, I discuss what he has laid out to wear to school the next day. Next I speak to his mother to be sure that he is describing it accurately.

How does your family stay healthy and relax? I stress the importance of a healthy diet and getting to bed on time. My son knows that going to school is his “job”; he must get enough sleep to wake up on time and to be at school on time.

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