Friday, May 29, 2009


Name: Karen Thomas
Age: 33
Capitol Heights, MD
Spouse: Martinus Thomas
Martia, 8, Kiya 3

What school does your child attend?
William W. Hall Elementary

What is your child’s greatest academic success?

Best Parental Engagement Tip?
Try to attend as many programs and assemblies as possible, this makes your child happy that you are aware of their accomplishments and achievements. They will tend to do great things for your attention.

A piece of advice on helping you child succeed academically?
Make sure you help them with homework when needed and challenge them with other work or fun activities. Reading to them is important as well.

Best family organizing tip?
Try to prepare in advance to eliminate rushing!

How do you ensure your child is prepared to succeed in school?
You can ensure your child's preparation of succeeding in school by testing them with their spelling words or going over their papers they bring home to see if they understood, talk to them and see what they need help with, keep communication open with your kids, and teachers.

How does your family stay healthy/relax?
My family stays healthy/relax by exercising eating the right foods, keep a happy environment, and keep religion in our lives.

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