Monday, July 6, 2009

Male Parents Assisting Teachers (M-PAT) Academy

According to the National Education Association less than 9% of elementary teachers are males. Additional research suggested males make up less than 25% of teachers in the public schools. In an effort to combat the dearth of male teachers, Prince George's County Public Schools (PGCPS) is seeking men who would are interested in volunteering in classrooms.

PGCPS hopes as you volunteer in our schools, your varied life experiences and training will enhance the education of our youth and have an impact on their lives. This role is exciting and challenging and will provide you with opportunities for personal enrichment and fulfillment.
The Male Parents Assisting Teachers (M-PAT) Academy is designed for those male Parents/guardians and community members who are interested in volunteering in classrooms to assist teachers in the educational/instructional process. The Office of Family and Community Outreach provides a three-hour training workshop which introduces participants to the guidelines and strategies for working with students and assisting teachers in the classrooms. Male Parents Assisting Teachers (M-PAT) Academy workshops provide participants with:
  • An overview of the purpose and goals of the Male Parents Assisting Teachers (M-PAT) Academy in order to develop an understanding of expected outcomes.
  • An explanation of school district policies, procedures, ethics, and laws in order to internalize guidelines regarding interactions between and among volunteers, students, and staff.
  • Hands-on training modules designed to prepare them to work effectively in direct contact with students and staff in the classrooms and school building.

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be certified as a Volunteer Classroom Assistant and will be assigned to teachers who have specifically requested a volunteer for their classroom. Additionally, as a part of the training, participants will undergo fingerprinting and a background check which will be rendered at no cost to all participants. To register or for additional information about The Male Parents Assisting Teachers program (M-PAT) Academy, contact (301) 925-2535 ext. 289 or a Parent Liaison at any neighborhood school.

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