Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mentoring Is A Benefit To Everyone

How is mentoring a benefit to everyone:

The Mentor Gains
• Personal satisfaction by helping children learn
• The opportunity to learn new skills or polish old ones
• Knowledge and understanding of Prince George’s County Public Schools

The Mentee Gains
• Additional individual attention
• An accepting atmosphere for learning reinforcement
• A chance to succeed, thus building a better self-concept
• A good friend who is a warm and caring adult

The School Gains
• Positive public relations with the community
• Improved student achievement and behavior
• Additional services without extra costs
• Increased community understanding and support

The Prince George’s County Community Gains
• Better educated students
• Greater confidence in the educational system

Additional Gains
• An increase in the probability of graduation
• An increase in the attendance rate of students who have shown loss of academic interest
• An increase in daily participation in school chance to succeed, thus building a better self-concept
• An increase in the grades of performing students

If you would like to find out more about mentoring opportunities with PGCPS contact· Jim Smith, 301.883.8255, e-mail at· or Michael Robinson, 301.925.2535, e-mail at

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