Thursday, September 24, 2009

Formal Parent Organizations See Their Membership Skyrocket

The membership of Formal Parent Organizations (FPO) in Prince George's County Public Schools saw dramatic increases across the County in SY 2008-2009. The ongoing focus on volunteer services by the School Board; combined with the extensive outreach to parents and community members by Formal Parent Organizations resulted in this record growth.

In SY 2008-2009 95% of PGCPS schools had an established parent organizations. A total of 78,690 parents and community stakeholders are current members of FPOs. During SY 2008-2009 8,388 new members were added to more than 160 FPOs. A total of 270,408 parents and community stakeholders attended FPO meetings. This number represented an average of 27,408 parents and community stakeholders attending meetings monthly. When you divide that by the number of schools, 134 parents and community stakeholders on average attended Formal Parent Organization meetings per month.

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