Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The College of William and Mary Summer Program for 10th Grade Students

The College of William and Mary has a fantastic opportunity for 10th grade students

Program "STAR" (the science training and research program) is offering aall-expense paid (housing, textbooks, meals etc) 4-week program forstudents who come from disadvantaged backgrounds (defined in the programas those from lower socio-economic backgrounds as well as students withparents whose formal education includes little or no college-levelwork). Students will be introduced to the world of science, research andtechnology as well as receive intensive SAT tutorials.

If you know of any 10th grade students who would be eligible for such aprogram, please send me their names ASAP. I would like to have theirapplication in by next week.

***They must have a least a cumulative "B" average

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