Friday, April 23, 2010

PGCPS Teacher of the Month: Marsha Forney

Background: Ms. Forney, a native of North Carolina, received her B.A. degree in Mathematics from North Carolina Central University in Durham, North Carolina. She received a M.A. degree in Mathematics from Morgan State University. Ms. Forney has taught for 21 years, of which 13 have been with Prince George’s County Public Schools. Currently, she is a mathematics teacher at Largo High School.

Accomplishments: Ms. Forney serves as the Mathematics Teacher Coordinator. She is a member of the School Planning Management Team. She is a second year participant in the FIRST Grant, and serves on the Evaluation Committee. She was a resident student of the Governor’s Academy held at Towson University.

Principal’s Message: Ms. Forney is a phenomenal educator. She is dedicated to her students and department setting high expectations for all. I have never been more impressed with an instructor’s ability to challenge, instruct, motivate an inspire students the way Ms. Forney does on a daily basis. Ms. Forney has created a classroom community of high expectations; her students know what is expected of them and they deliver every time because they want to make her proud. The staff and students of Largo admire Ms. Forney because she goes above and beyond the call of duty, assisting students, staff, and parents. She is staff member of integrity, her actions speak louder than her words and she cares about what is good for students and the Largo community.

Why I Love Teaching: As early as my high school years, I knew that I wanted to become a teacher. I have an unyielding desire to always want to help. If I can share with others what I have learned or experienced while fulfilling my dream, then I have accomplished my goal. Teaching affords me the opportunity to assist young people into becoming productive citizens. I feel rewarded when I can facilitate learning in an environment that allows children to expand their knowledge base by acquiring the requisite skills for success in future endeavors. I teach because I am sure it is my calling.

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