Friday, July 16, 2010

Volunteers In PGCPS Schools Are Making A Difference By The Numbers

Michael A. Robinson

Between SY 2008-2010 more than 28,000 parents and community stakeholders have volunteered in Prince George's County Public Schools. Their commitment to the academic success of students along with their desire to enhance communication between home, the community and schools resulted in over 572,000 hours of services to 205 schools. Their tireless support represented a monetary value of over 3 million dollars of donated manpower. The results of their relentless dedication can be found in such activities that include, but are not limited to a few of the following:
· Class room assistants
· Parent Assisting Teachers
· Field Trip Chaperones
· Hall Monitors
· Playground Monitors
· Tutors
· Mentors
· Building of new playground
· Coat drives
· Food drives

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