Thursday, September 2, 2010

Parent Involvement through PTA Helps to Make Great Schools for All Children

According to the Maryland PTA website:

Parent Involvement through PTA Helps to Make Great Schools for All Children

How often is you school PTA communicating with parents? Do parents know what your PTA does on behalf of children each and everyday in school communities?

Parent involvement spans a broad range, from the parent who makes sure that their child is dressed and fed, to the parent who comes into school to volunteer, to the parent who takes it upon himself to learn all of the school system’s initiatives and programs. Research has shown that when parents are involved in their children’s schools their child is more successful in school. Schools benefit by partnering with parents to have needed support for all children. It is a win-win situation for all.

PTAs should encourage and support all parents in volunteer efforts for children in their school communities each and every day. Each day make it your PTA goal to ask at least one person to join and support your PTA advocacy efforts on behalf of all children. Parent involvement encourages children to be more engaged in their school communities as well as to support the academic success of children.

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