Sunday, September 26, 2010

Take The "Dad's Pledge of Engagement"

Hello Engaged Parents and Dedicated Educators,

Please talk to the men, dads, fathters, unciles and other significant male role models in the lives of children to take the "Dad's Pledge of Engagement"

Forest Of The Rain Productions recognizes that fathers and significant male role models have a considerable role in the academic success of children. Forest Of The Rain Productions acknowledges parents are their children's first and most influential teachers.

We are also acknowledging the successes of students are enhanced when an unbreakable partnership between home and school is created. To solidify this partnership; Forest Of The Rain Productions are asking DADS and significant male role models in the lives of Public Schools students to join us in pledging to remain engaged in the academic lives of students. We are asking DADS to pledge to:

  • Observe my child’s classroom at least twice a year
  • Attend a non-sports related school event
  • Visit my child’s school website for information
  • Join and participate in a school’s formal parent organization
  • Volunteer in my child’s school
  • Attend an informational workshop held at my child’s school
  • Attend a school board meeting
  • Assist my child with homework assignments
  • Review and understand requirements for High School graduation
  • Review and understand the role and expectations of an incoming 9th grader
  • Participate in at least one Parent Teacher Conference

Visit the Men Make A Difference Day website:

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