Tuesday, March 24, 2009

25 Ways Fathers and Significant Male Role Models Can Get Involved in the Academic Lives of Their Children

Michael A. Robinson

  1. Observe your child’s classroom
  2. Participate in at least one Parent-Teacher Conference
  3. Ensure the completion of your child's ILP (Individual Learning Plan) This should be an intense conversation with your child's school counselor
  4. Attend at least one extra curricular (non-sporting) event this school year
  5. Join and participate in your child’s school or any school’s formal parent organization (PTA/PTSA/PTO)
  6. Assist with homework assignments
  7. Volunteer at least seven hours at your child’s school
  8. Meet your child’s Principal
  9. Check your child’s backpack everyday
  10. Complete and review all forms sent home by school officials
  11. Meet your child’s Parent Liaison/Principal
  12. Consider becoming a teacher
  13. Ensure your child has school supplies for the entire school year
  14. Review the School Calendar and become familiar with activities and school closings
  15. Discuss current and future goals with your child
  16. Discuss with your child how education plays a role in reaching goals
  17. Become familiar when possible with the health conditions of your child
  18. Meet regularly with school counselor and together advise your child in making the correct choices in education
  19. Participate in a variety of activities with your children
  20. Understand your Rights as a Parents within the school system
  21. Learn to navigate the school system
  22. When possible attend a School Board meeting
  23. Sign up to receive e-mail news updates from the school system
  24. Visit the school system's Web site to remain informed
  25. Join your child school’s School Improvement Team (SIT) or School Planning Management Team Meetings (SPMT)

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