Sunday, March 22, 2009

Parent Liaison of the Week: March 23-30, 2009

The Department of Family and Community Outreach Presents
Parent Liaison: Stephanie Simon-Flecther

My name is Stephanie Simon-Flecther and I am a Parent Liaison at Princeton Elementary School. My primary responsibilty is to provide services to facilitate parental involvement, communication and collaboration between school staff and families of students in order to enhance student achievement.

My goal is to work with parents to improve their understanding of school policies, procedures and educational requirements. I am under the supervision of the school's Principal were I have assigned the task to develop and implement plans to foster families’ participation in training and educational opportunities which will aid them to support the social and academic achievement of their children.

Please mark your calendars for the Monthly Parent Workshops entitled “Chat & Chew”. This is a hour long workshop for parents to gain specific knowledge on how they can better assist their child to achieve in school. Parents and significant adult role models are the primary educator of children.

Parrents of Princeton Elementary are encouraged to participate in our Princeton Parents Technology Tree (PPTT) where you will receive emails pertaining to activities, events, and meetings taking place at Princeton Elementary.

In addition there are opportunities and resources that may be beneficial to you and your family. The staff at Princeton Elementary are here for you and your children. Please feel free to contact me at (301) 702-7650 ext.263 or via of email at if I can be of any assistance. In addition, please feel free to view my web page at:

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