Saturday, March 3, 2012

2012 Parental Engagement Survey for Parents

Hello Engaged Parents and Dedicated Educators,

Parental engagement makes a significant difference in the educational outcomes of children and young people; parents have a key role in raising educational standards. The more involved and engaged parents are in the education of their children the more likely their children are to succeed.

Forest Of The Rain Productions is committed to expanding the partnership between home and school. We believe increased communication between parents, families and school will serve as the pathway to increasing student achievement. To expand this discussion on the value of the home school partnership, we invite you to participate in our 2012 Parental Engagement Survey for parents. Your views, opinions and thoughts on the importance of parental engagement are priceless and represent one half of the team assigned to impact the academic achievement of children.

Please take a few minutes to complete our open-ended, narrative based survey. Your comments will be confidential. We have limited our response number, so please respond quickly if you aspire to have your voice included in this year’s study.

The link to the survey is listed below.

Thanks for your participation.

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