Sunday, April 5, 2009

Parent Liaison of the Week: April 6, 2009

Barbara Wright, the Parent Liaison at Surrattsville High School extends an invitation to all SHS parents and community partners to take an active role in the educational and development process of our SHS students. Your comments, ideas, and support are welcomed and appreciated. Mrs. Wright may be reached at 301-599-2453 or via email at

The Parent Resource Center is located in the main hallway of SHS, Room 100B. The Parent Resource Center was created in compliance with the Parent Engagement Plan initiated by Superintendent Dr. Deasy. The vision of the Parent Resource Center is to assist with the major objectives of the Parent Engagement Plan:

  • Increase the number of stakeholders participating on advisory councils/steering committees and becoming goodwill ambassadors for Prince George’s County Public Schools

  • Increase the number of Parents/Guardians participating on school decision-making committees and interacting with teachers, staff, and the local school community

  • Increase the number of Parents/Guardians participating with the PTSAIncrease the number of Parents/Guardians participating in the Systemic Training Program

  • Increase the number of Parents/Guardians observing their child’s class at least twice per year

  • Increase the numbers of Parents/Guardians using the website to access their child’s data and homework assignments

  • Sponsor Parental Development Sessions

  • Increase parent involvement/participation in After School and Extended-Learning experiences

We look forward to a great year with family and community partnerships. Together we will make a difference!

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