Sunday, January 9, 2011

Forest Of The Rain Productions is Proud to Announce "Your Money,Your Future" with Financial Tips and Strategies From Ms. Carmen Johnson

Forest Of The Rain Productions the parent company of Parents and SLPS, DCPS, BCPS PGCPS, and The Journey Begins Internet radio for the engage parent and dedicated educator is proud to announce the addition of its newest guest blogger, Ms. Carmen Johnson a Financial Educator. Ms. Johnson is the founder and CEO of the Katie Able Foundation.

Ms. Carmen Johnson will share her views and strategies for developing financial freedom to start living a life free of debt while building your future of wealth. Ms. Johnson’s financial tips and strategies will appear weekly in our new segment “Your Money, Your Future.” You can find her postings on our following sites:

Ms. Johnson blog postings will appear weekly and will eventually be broadcast on our Internet radio stations The Journey Begins Internet radio for the engaged parent and dedicated educator and our all gospel Internet radio station Inspiration Internet radio for the engaged parent and dedicated educator. Additionally you will be able to download Ms. Johnson’s segment at our podcast center “Parent Talk: A Resource for the Engaged Parent and Dedicated Educator” at


Over a decade ago Carmen R. Johnson, Founder & CEO of the Katie Able Foundation, wrote these famous words: "Do something to justify your existence. Together we can create the future.”

With these words in mind, Ms. Johnson decided to pursue her mission of empowerment through financial freedom by first creating her for-profit business Able Estate & Co., and now with the establishment of Katie Able Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit to commemorate her grandmother, for whom the Foundation is named.

With her experience working in Corporate America and armed with her background in accounting, Ms. Johnson has a wealth of experience in credit counseling, debt elimination and debt relief, and thus has become an expert in debt negotiation and creating wealth. Through the Center for Financial Certifications, Ms. Johnson holds the distinction as a Certified Educator in Personal Finance, a Certified Consumer Debt Specialist and a Certified Residential Housing Counselor, as well as holding a Certificate of Achievement as a Business Finance Consultant With her experience and certifications, Ms. Johnson now teaches financial management and self-discipline through savings, budgeting and other vehicles for creating wealth.

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