Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Your Money,Your Future" with Financial Educator Carmen Johnson

The After the Holiday Blues

The tree has come down, the lights outside are dim and all of your relatives have gone home. However you hear a constant whining, a whimpering if you will but you can’t identify the source.

You scramble and run all around the house frantically as the soft cry turns into a loud wail. Finally! You stop and realize that the noise is coming from your wallet. That’s right, YOUR wallet. It’s been abused and misused this past holiday season.

You’ve taken it through some un-expected changes; over-spending on holiday items, using your credit card way too much and now your wallet has nothing left to give. What do you do? How can you mend your broken relationship?

Start by giving your wallet a break… Let you wallet fall in love with having money inside of it at least for a little while…

The extra money that you spent, pay it back to yourself. Subtract the amount of what you actually spent from your original budget. Whatever the difference is, that’s the amount that you should save.

Make A Vow to Your Wallet… that this will never happen again. That you won’t leave it empty or forget the loud cry it makes when it’s neglected.

Carmen Johnson is the Founder and CEO of the Katie Able Foundation.
To find out more about Carmen Johnson visit

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