Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The Governor’s proposed budget could leave Prince George’s County Public Schools with an additional 2.4% deficit of $20.8 million for FY2012. A cut of this magnitude would leave us with a total projected deficit of $85 million, which would have a devastating impact on our students, our staff, and our schools.

We understand that tough economic times force us to seek additional ways to trim the budget, and appreciate all that our state and county leaders have done to soften the blow to public education. Over the past two years, we have closely examined the way we do business, streamlined processes, and made painful cuts to staffing and non-instructional programs throughout the district. In developing our budget for the upcoming school year, we are continuing to look for additional opportunities to reduce operating costs and work more efficiently.

My priority and responsibility to this community is to request a budget that provides our students with the support and resources they need to succeed so that we can continue the academic gains of the past several years. While our goal is to “hold the classroom harmless,” additional cuts to the budget may impact successful academic programs and resources.We are grateful for County Executive Rushern Baker’s strong support of education, and will continue to work with our county leaders, parents, staff, and community members to ensure that our students get what they need to succeed as 21st century citizens.

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