Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King Day an Inspirational Moment: By Dr. Stephen Jones

The celebration of Martin Luther King Day is a reminder of what it takes to change the world. One person invested in a deeply inspiring vision of a new way of life prevailed in the midst of adversity. Dr. King envisioned a time when everyone would be judged by the content of their character not the color of their skin. It’s ironic that more than 40 years later America still struggles with issue of race.

American’s elected President Barak Obama but this country still struggles with what his election represents. Some say we’ve made progress and others remain resistant. Even members of his own democratic party have not consistently supported President Obama. Every move that he makes is placed under a microscope. For example, his attempt to comfort Americans after the attack on Senator Gifford and others who lost their lives was twisted. It was a passionate speech which caused the audience to cheer and feel comforted. The President remained somber throughout the celebration of life. Dr. Martin Luther king would have approved. Sometimes it appears that America is a country that is looking for a way to remain divided. There is a great need to forge past political agendas and focus on decisions that are in the best interest of the country.

It is evident that Dr. Martin Luther King had many challenges during the time that he was alive. There were often competing interests that affect how fast America would change. Dr. King spent time preaching how people need to treat each other because of personal events he witnessed while living in the south. There were separate bath room facilities for people of color and they could not eat at the diner counter. Dr. King felt that these prejudices must change. In his day social action involved boycotting buses. It’s time for American’s to slow down to respond to social injustices that still occur every day.

Martin Luther King was a scholar and an educator. He taught thousands in the community to pursue more education. His leadership led to a whole generation of teachers and scientists who broke color barriers in companies all over the country. Today we can find these individuals in the executive suites of corporations all across America. There are black and Hispanic professionals who’ve started businesses and witnessed changes in society as their companies have grown.

Dr. King would be amazed at the progress that’s occurred during the 21st century. If he were alive today he would be amazed at the internet. The internet changes the speed at which people respond to an event or crisis. There are millions of responses to social issues. The ability to create a blog or tweet information has changed the way that thousands are communicating their opinion. The current technology allows millions to read about Dr. Martin Luther King’s life. The internet is accompanied by its own challenges. Last year, Ms. Shirley Sharrod was removed from the Department of Agriculture when her comment s where posted on the internet. They were deemed discriminatory. After a careful review she was cleared by hear office.

No one can deny that Dr. Martin Luther King was a man with a mission. It was a mission that was powerful that it touched the nation’s heart. When several children were killed during bombing it made it clear that the mission would not be complete without a fight. No mission that is worth fighting for is won easily. Today we must move forward with determination to make things better for everyone.

It’s important to continue to celebrate Martin Luther King Day and to acknowledge his contribution to society. Dr. King was a trailblazer in terms of demonstrating the leadership characteristics that we should all adapt. America’s cities are in desperate need of leaders who can transform they way that we communicate and live.

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