Saturday, June 6, 2009


The goal of Connecting Generations in America's Classroom is to improve the academic performance, attendance and civic pride amongst all students who attend Prince George’s County Public Schools. Research is clear that a strong mentoring program has the potential to have a long and lasting impact on the lives of today’s youth. Connecting Generations in America's Classroom will employ Digital Network Group’s (DNG) Kinetic Potential Mentoring and Learning System (KPML).

KPML is a methodology that reverse engineers the career development process for youth living in local communities through the use of information technology. A Computer Assisted Mentoring System (CAMS) serves as a virtual pipeline for youth development by integrating multiple providers into a service coalition and accessing the services the students need when they need them most.

Should you have immediate questions, please do not hesitate to contact· Jim Smith, 301.883.8255, e-mail at· Michael Robinson, 301.925.2535, e-mail at

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