Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Letter to All Volunteers for the Parents Assisting Teachers Program

Dear Volunteer:

Our community is very fortunate to have thousands of citizens who are dedicated to supporting both our students and our schools. Each day, these volunteers display selfless acts of service to assure that all Prince George’s County Public School students receive a quality education in a safe and secure learning environment. We are very proud of this commitment to quality education and appreciate your interest in joining as our partner in providing the finest education possible for our students.

The goals of the Parents Assisting Teachers (PAT) school volunteer program are to:

  • Establish a school-community partnership for quality education.
  • Provide individualized educational assistance to students.
  • Relieve the teacher of some non-instructional tasks and duties.
  • Enrich the curriculum.
  • Improve students’ self-worth by increasing the opportunity for educational achievement.
  • Stimulate community interest, concern and support for the educational system.
  • Enhance all aspects of the educational process.

As you volunteer in our schools, your varied life experiences and training will enhance the education of our youth and have an impact on their lives. The role you have selected is both exciting and challenging and will provide you with opportunities for personal enrichment and fulfillment.

Your personal interest and desire to help is welcomed and appreciated. Youth are our most important natural resource and their education will form the foundation of the future. Thank you for investing your time, talents, heart and soul in our future.

Department of Family and Community Outreach

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