Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Parent Participation is on the Rise in PGCPS

By: Michael A. Robinson, Coordinating Supervisor, Parental Engagement

Parent participation in Prince George's County Public Schools is on the rise. A quick review of data collected throughout the 2009-2010 school year by the Department of Family and Community Outreach clearly revealed parents, guardians and other significant family members have embraced their role in the academic success of students.

While the data has not been completely analyzed, early results point to a major shift in the relationship between home and school. What was once a relationship in many cases built on limited trust and even less communication, has now moved to one of increased communication and an improved understanding of each partner’s role in the process of parental engagement and involvement.

In Prince George's County Public Schools there are many factors which have contributed to the rise in parent participation. A primary factor has been the efforts of over 220 Parent Liaisons. Parent Liaisons have the specific task of engaging parents, by developing Parental Engagement Plans designed to enhance the academic success of students, through parent involvement.

Several Parent Liaison Parental Engagement Plans included innovative communication approaches to reach parents and family members with non-traditional schedules. Many of the Parental Engagement Plans implemented a wider use of technology as a means to keep parents informed, while offering an opportunity to become engaged in ways never before offered. As new ways to communicate to parents were explored, lots of the time-honored forms of communication remain the center-piece of engagement plans. Utilization of new and innovative communication approaches, combined with the traditional methods has proven to be a great success in Prince George's County Public Schools’ efforts to increase parental engagement for the 2008-2009 school year.

Below are a few schools with high rates of Parent Participation. This indicates that at least a ____% of the parents based on student enrollment have participated in a minimum of one non sports related activity:
  • Arrowhead ES has a Parent Participation Rate of 75%
  • Bond Mill ES has a Parent Participation Rate of 95%
  • Heather Hills ES has a Parent Participation Rate of 80%
  • Owens Road ES has a Parent Participation Rate of 85%
  • Paint Branch ES has a Parent Participation Rate of 72%
  • Princeton ES has a Parent Participation Rate of 95%

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  1. Those are great rating keep up the good work.


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