Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Social Network for Parents of Prince George's County Public Schools Students

The Department of Family and Community Outreach’s Office of Parental Engagement has created a social network for parents of PGCPS students. The social network is called “PARENTS AND PGCPS” and will hopefully provide an effective means for parents to stay connected with each other. Through the use of the social network parents and community members can create new social experiences that are:
  • Unique
  • Informative
  • Networking
  • Career Enhancing

There is no cost to join the “PARENTS AND PGCPS” social network, simply click on the link and sign up. Join the many who have already become members. Once you become a member you can create your own social network within the network such as:

  • Alumni of PGCPS
  • Alumni of _____ high school
  • PGCPS Parents of High School Students
  • Etc.

For more information contact: Michael A. Robinson at 301.925.2535.

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