Thursday, June 4, 2009

Parents and Students Really Benefit From Classroom Observations

Over the past two years Prince George's County Public Schools have put forth an increased effort to have parents visit their child’s school and observe their classrooms. The push has proven to be successful from a pure numbers perspective, as we have seen the quantity of classroom observations jump from 500 in 2006-2007 to 8,500 in 2007-2008 and to over 40,000 in 2008-2009. However, while the numbers are impressive, they do not speak to what parents and family members are saying about their visit(s) and the benefits to them and their child.

In a survey of over 500 parents, overwhelmingly parents stated their visit was beneficial and informative. A closer look revealed parent classroom observations are a successful tool to increase and maintain parental engagement. Below, you will find the results of the survey.

Today's visit gave me a better understanding of my child's day-to-day school routine.
Not at all (2.7%)
Somewhat (21.2%)
Very much (76%)

Today's visit gave me some ideas how to help my child at home.
Not at all (3%)
Somewhat (23%)
Very much (74%)

The classroom activities were useful, exciting and engaging for my children.
Not at all (1.2%)
Somewhat (20.2%)
Very much (78%)

As a result of today's visit, I am more likely to participate in other school sponsored activities.
Not at all (.5%)
Somewhat (18.2%)
Very much (81.3%)

I felt welcome and comfortable during today's visit.
Not at all (.8%)
Somewhat (5.0%)
Very much (94.3%)

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